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Halfords 10%

DscotlandDscotland Posts: 34
edited February 2009 in Road beginners
hi all, does anyone haave any idea when halfords will have another 10% offer off their online orders for bikes ?



  • pud77pud77 Posts: 144
    there was a good 10% period leading upto xmas, and a 10% weekend midway through January. They do seem to come around quite often, I'd imagine the next one shouldn't be too far away.

    Are you looking at a Boardman by any chance ?
  • yes i am , when i`d finally made my mind to get one the offer vanished , typical :)
  • One of these might work.

    Giant TCR Advanced II - Reviewed on my homepage
    Giant TCR Alliance Zero
    BMC teammachineSLR03
    The Departed
    Giant SCR2
    Canyon Roadlite
    Specialized Allez
    Some other junk...
  • thanks Pedro,
    ive looked at them but as i can only reserve the bike for instore pick up and payment , there is nowhere for me to enter a code :cry:
  • pud77pud77 Posts: 144
    Which model Boardman have you decided upon ?
  • hopfully the boardman tean, with the extra 10% it was very tempting
  • pud77pud77 Posts: 144
    Nice choice with the Team. Good spec for the money with the discount. They need to appear on the website first though before you can get anything. At the moment there is still only 3 bikes appear if you do a search on Halfords for boardman 09, and all of them are not available to buy or order.
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