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Looking through the "My own little survey (brace yourself)" thread I say people talking about "bikely"

I seem to remember someon asking a question as to how to avoid hills and this will let you see what they are like (I also notice that it is in association with bikeradar, so a good piece of work)

for example:
whyamihere wrote:

Not sure where in Norton Canes you are, but if you head onto Brownhills Road in Norton East off Hednesford Road, you can get onto Chester Road at the Rising Sun Island and into Brownhills, then just ride along the High Street and up the hill and you'll be onto my route.

I also like it because (I find out that my morning commute has about 600ft ascent in it, when I thought it was all downhill) whilst my return journey has 1100ft of ascent (there is a sudden 10m climb and descent that is not real onthe route.

It makes me feel better about taking so long now....

I haven't quite worked out how to make them public yet