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In between sizes - Marin Mount Vision

DickBartonDickBarton Posts: 201
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I'm currently riding a 2006 Giant Trance 1 in large - fit is fine, nice and comfy on it, but I'm hoping to sell it shortly and get myself a new Marin Mount Vision. I was in a local(ish) dealer today to try it for size and they only had a medium in the Mount Vision in stock. Throwing my leg over it, with the seat post at maximum height, it seemed to fit - certainly leg length was fine (just) and the reach seemed comfy - I didn't ride it just sat on it in the shop.

I can't find the Geometry of the MV on the Marin website - the angles are there but the top tube length is missing. I also can't find a 2006 geometry sheet for the Trance (although I have found something on MTBR but don't think it is the same year, I think it might be 07) I'm not sure what the geometry comapres to against each other.

The Medium looks 'right' and the pics I've seen of a Large makes it look slightly big - the medium looks like everything is in proportion. Now I'm function over form so I'm more interested in the best fit, but would appreciate your thoughts. Purchase time isn't for another 2 months (if at all) so I could find a large and try it...but would like your thoughts - I've never been in between sizes before (but never owned a Marin so this might be a regular thing with this make) - I'm 61 1" with a 34" (and a wee bit) inside leg...

For the seat height, I'm thinking the large may be better but not sure if the reach would be much longer...

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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Better a size down than one too big i reckon but try the large if you can.
  • Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463
    You can get the 2008 geometry from here:- (click on 'View Full Specs' in the bottom right corner). I'm pretty sure that the 2009 geometry is the same as the 2008 geomerty.

    Also, why don't you measure the effective top tube length on your bike (horizontally from the centre of the head tube to the centre of the seatpost) and then go into the bike shop armed with a tape measure and take the same measurement on the Mount Vision?

    Are you able to test ride the bike?

  • Good points Stu - good idea, but I hadn't thought of that when I had decided to go for a nosey...will try that shortly.
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