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FSR xc or pitch comp

J273J273 Posts: 382
edited January 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys,

Currently looking to get back into biking ...Have £1000 to spend on a full suspension setup.

Ive narrowd it down to the 2 below ...which is the better bike for the money? ... e-ec001433

or ... gn=froogle

or would you say its better to spend a little extra and get the stumpjumper ... e-ec001438

Any oppionions/input would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


  • RIKORIKO Posts: 559
    Depends what kind of riding your looking to do I've got a Pitch Pro and it's excellent. If your doing more xc stuff the fsr xc or stumpy if you want to do some more downhill stuff as well get the pitch. If you are looking to save a bit more it is worth getting the Pitch pro over the comp as the spec is a lot better.
  • AnderzzAnderzz Posts: 103
    Ive got a pitch pro and its a bit heavier / chunkier than my mates stumpy, its not as refined for XC, but its perfectly capable and the extra travel makes me more confident chucking it off larger drops :)

    Pro is worth getting over the comp.
  • J273J273 Posts: 382
    Ok thanks

    Itll only be used for XC use.

    So would you say the Pitch is better than the FSR xc comp.?

  • If it's only for XC use, don't bother with the pitch, it's just more weight to lug up the hills, and you won't get any benefit going down again!

    The 09 FSR xc has gained travel over last year's, so now has about the same travel as the stumpy. It's had great reviews too.

    I'd go for the Stumpy though, as it has better spec, but both bikes are great for xc use.

    Depends whether you can justify the extra £200.
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