cumbrian cracker

timmjackson Posts: 49
hi Tim here
anyone doing this tomorrow?
what time u starting ,m
me 9 30 got to drive from York.should be a good work out.
great area for riding in. :lol: not many boring bits :!:


  • I did this today, good course and weather cold but dry.

    I set off at 8.34am.

    My mates memory map said it was 1725m climbing and 89km.

    My time was 3hr 55mins with a puncture, thought i'd be away from them being on the road and not on my MTB.

    I did it on a borrowed road bike but quite like this roadie stuff.

    How did you find it?

    And what was your time?

    Red Bank climb at 25% was a lung opener for the first climb 5 mins in!
  • Red Bank climb at 25% was a lung opener for the first climb 5 mins in!

    And plenty of ice around too, quite a unique start to a sportive!

    Enjoyed it today, took it easy down to Cartmel and did the second 45k a lot faster.

    Nice quiet roads as not many people around, the media nonsense about 'siberian weather' made for a strangely deserted feel to the Lake District.

    Now when I was a lad we had proper winters :?
  • Oh yeah that was interesting on the ice, my MTB skills was used to help balance the bike while the back end stepped out pedalling up, they're was quite a few people walking it.

    I had two layers under my jacket as i thought it was going to be cold, but prob to much.

    Mind it's snowing like mad round here toady so we were lucky with the weather!

    May try the lakeland loop next.
  • Tempted fate with my comment about the weather, lots of snow here too, certainly wouldn’t have taken place today.

    You should definitely do the Lakeland Loop as its a great route taking in much of the Fred Whitton.

    As I am sure you can imagine driving into Great Langdale last year for the start on a lovely sunny spring morning was amazing

    From the website it looks as though more riders have entered this year so all in all should be a good day out.
  • Yeah i may go for that, it's local to me as i'm in Kendal, may even have my own road bike too by then!

    I'll try these passes before the event mind!!
  • Results are up a

    My time was 3hr 50 mins, but looks like you got a good time there Tim!
  • hi Tim here
    did the ride on sunday with two lads from the lakes ,Rich Wood and Jim Got lucky really h
    ad a good event until got a bit of cramp with about 1 mile to go :cry: 3.31 time Doing lakeland loop in April . Did last year and was a exellent event.Beautiful weather and all.Really worth entering and reading forum quite a few entering.
  • I'm thinking of doing the Lakeland Loop but it clashes with Builith Merida.

    Not sure which to do, road or MTB.