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No 10 on line cycling petitions

ARobARob Posts: 143
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here are some good No 10 on line peteitions that may be of interest to some of us cyclists..


  • Eau RougeEau Rouge Posts: 1,118
    "Cycle routes" to a councillor usually either means a bit of useless paint so near the gutter it forces you to ride on the road side of it anyway, or worse still, a "multi-use path", on which your safer walking with the bike than riding it, oh and then narrowing the actual road to make way for the silly thing, giving the cyclist even less room.

    Councillors view cyclists as "pedestrians" who happen to use a bike rather than walk and plan accordingly. They do not see us as the traffic we are and should be. The real priority for now shouldn't be more money, it should be on getting councils to follow best practice and treat cyclists as traffic that needs to be planned for, and actually help make cycling a bit safer.
    If I were involved though, I'd probably start with the Dept. of Transport's advertising budget and run national campaigns reminding motorists that they don't own the road, and that cyclists have every right to safely be there. The very first campaign is all about crossing the white lines in the middle of the road when overtaking, for example.
  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    I agree completely. We don't need more useless cycle paths. We need other road users to be more aware of us and to treat us like traffic....... although that will require us to behave like the rest of the traffic. Maybe there's some education needed both ways?
  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 2,706
    Online petitions are purely a public relations excercise, no notice whatsoever is taken of them.
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