fsa gossamer chainset

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I have recently purchased the focus cayo expert.The bike is fine quick and very racy as i live in a very hilly area i got the compact fsa gossamer chainset.It looks good shifts well seems a little heavy compared to my shimano r700 on my other bike.My problem is when i climb up a steep hill there seems to be a slight cracking noise coming out the chainset.Now it is getting very annoying as and i feel as if something is wrong really wroung.As i have only rode the bike about 5 times i feel that this should not happen.Can anyone give me some advice i live in Ireland and to ship the bike back back to wiggle is a major inconvenience. :evil:


  • Could try putting the r700 on the cayo, just to see if it is the chainset. Or take it to your LBS and see what they suggest.
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    BB coming loose?
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    I have ridden a Focus for several thousand miles and found the bike rock solid, did you put on a set of pedals you had hanging around or are these new?

    The only problem I had with noise was the pdeals i re-used and then very recently the bottom btacket.

    I doubt it's your BB yet.