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Giant Trance X3 v Specialized Pitch Comp v Boardman Team FS

AntGAntG Posts: 72
edited January 2009 in MTB buying advice
OK true believers a puzzle for you to unravel!

Have decided that a new MTB is in order to clear the new year blues and motivate me to make 2009 the year I finally get fit again!

Fancy a Full Sus this time round and think I've got it down to three bikes, but now it's over to you guys for some informed feedback, comments and suggestions (please!).....

Giant Trance X3 (2008) from Wiggle (£927) ... 360038750/

Specialized Pitch Comp (rrp c£975) ... 1b2s1p1586

Boardman Team FS (rrp c£950)

I did initially like the look of the Trance X2, but I can't really see what the attraction of that is over the X3 (other than the nicer coloured frame!) - the X range just seems to have slightly different kit on that might be better improved bit by bit over time?.....

Pitch Comp is a late starter and seems a good bike -lots of good reviews/feedback here and elsewhere, but can't find much on the Trance X3 - the Comp seems to be available inEurope in a super sexy black/white colour scheme, but only the blue here.

Boardman - seems to get great reviews and main attraction is that I can get it through Halfords Cycle to work scheme at around £500 (though was thinking of saving that option for a nice ironhorse for the road in the summer!)

Ok enough from me - any thoughts - really appreciate comments on the above three bikes (but feel free to chip in with passionate pitches for others), but £1000 is absolute max spend this time....

thanks in advance


  • Despite all the recent price rises,those 3 bikes are proof that you can still pick up a bargain.

    The Pitch is basically the same bike as my mates 2005 Enduro and his cost him well over £2k!

    My personal choice for my predominantly xc riding,would be the Trance,but with the Pitch you could do anything.I think you could make a good case for any of these 3.
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  • Team515Team515 Posts: 141
    Ive been thinking of getting the pitch comp myself
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    Il go for the Pitch especially they have ditched the Specalized fork
    and shock and in this months MBR the rear Fox shock is three times better.

    Something ive siad for a while now

    Buy the Pitch seems a bargin and on the money
  • AntGAntG Posts: 72
    Thanks guys, I've been trying to compare the specs, but I don't really know enough about the various forks, shocks, brakes, gearsets, etc to draw any firm conclusions as to which of these three has the better spec.

    To be honest I'm probably more interested in getting a decent frame that can be upgraded over time.

    I can't imagine me doing much more than XC, but as I already have a solid Merlin Malt 2 HT (2005) for that I was thinking of something a little more exciting and hence the Pitch.

    The Boardman is in there purely as I can get the 40-50% saving through work.

    Saw the Pitch first hand today and must say the paint job (OK not the MOST important thing) is quite different to how it appears in the pics online - it's not a single tone royal blue as it seems to me - has a kind of two tone effect.

    I might not be buying for three months yet and I'm wondering if the Giant Trance X2 (2008) that I've seen for £1200 might yet come down to below £1000 by May?.....
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