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Rapha sample sale - the horror!

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Good god, just got back from the sample sale that Rapha is havnig in the building next to Condor cycles. I

t was like one of those scenes you see from a food drop on a refugee camp. Overcrowded, hot, bustling, people grasping for sustenance (white leather cycling mitts) and only a matter of time before the UN peacekeepers got there.

Got a few bargains though which was compensation enough for the weird looks that 'normal' people were giving us as we queued to get in along the Gray's Inn Rd. As it was mostly skinny thirtysomething men with a few quid in hand in the queue perhaps they though there was some sort of 'show' going on inside......

Winter gloves, bib shorts, short sleeved jersey and long sleeved jersey - £140. Not bad.


  • toontratoontra Posts: 1,160
    Yes, it was like a particularly frantic jumble sale, getting elbowed out of the way and squashed up against walls by nice people who had been turned bestial by the promise of Rapha bargains.

    The whole thing could have been soooo much better organised - i.e. by the merchandise being on tables rather than the floor and signs above the boxes saying what was in them, rather than having to grovel over a box to find out what it was you were queuing to look at.

    I left empty-handed, realising there was nothing there I needed and didn't have already!

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  • andypandyp Posts: 8,709
    I dropped by at half two and there was probably 15 people there and still a lot of kit to be had.
  • wise man - i got there at 12.10 and it was mayhem, perhaps they'll restock for part 2 tomorrow.
  • AggieboyAggieboy Posts: 3,996
    As I was at Condor today, and as there were only a few people queuing, I decided to take a look. Can't say I was impressed with the clothing at all. To see grown men try and convince themselves that something fitted for the sake of it was pathetic. (only small and XXL in most things).

    Quote of the day from a 'suit 'outside with a woman from his office, who were studying the new Condor shop plans shown in the window:- "As Condor is the most important bike shop in the world it's vital they get their refurb' right" :roll: Makes me glad I don't like the stuff.
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  • Rob SallnowRob Sallnow Posts: 6,279
    Oh dear I forgot it was the censored -ha sale...and I was going to pop up to London to look at Condor's audaxy frames....I hope it's not too much carnage in the area!! :?
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  • It's not proper Rapha unless you pay full price for it :twisted:
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