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Rear Brake Callipers

PudseyPaulPudseyPaul Posts: 59
edited January 2009 in The workshop

I collected a new bianchi carmeleonte Alfine 08 hybrid bike from my LBS just after xmas as my present to myself! I have used it to commute for around a month (4 days a week average) and decided to have a pannier rack fitted at the weekend to save on the old back.
However upon taking it to a different LBS (of great bike making reputation) I was told that the bike had not been set up very well and that the back brake callipers were ruined as it looked like they hadnt been greased properly and the salts had attacked them, the brake cable was slack they said due to the brakes not engaging/releasing properly and that a rod that they fit to and which should stay in the frame does come away quite easily. They put a new cable on free of charge.
I therefore rung back the LBS in which i purchased the bike and as it is due for its free "bedding" in service. I am taking it in tommorow, they said they would have a look at it. I am not trying to say that they are in the wrong here but does anyone know if what I have said about the callipers means a total replacement or can they be put right? I just dont want to be told they are right when they arnt, therefore any advice on this would be gratefully accepted. Does what I have said about them even make sense?
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