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Rear Derailleur

zaneszanes Posts: 563
edited January 2009 in The workshop
As winter's destroyed the rest of my bike, I now have a suspicion it might have moved onto the rear derailleur. I've noticed my shifting's been a bit guff recently, but I've put that down to dodgy cables/outers which I don't have the will to replace yet (having so far this year replaced cassette, chain and brake cables). Anyhow;

My rear derailleur is displaying an interesting characteristic. If I twist the entire thing forwards (anticlockwise), around the bolt that attaches it to the hanger, it firmly springs back into place. If I twist it backwards (clockwise), it feels sticky and moves back, but not to where it was if I twisted it forwards and let go. Now, is this usual, and if not is it fixable, or is it new derailleur time? *mentally adds cost to ever growing list of replaced parts*


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,495
    When you push it forward, there's a spring to pull it back. Going the other way, there's no spring, so it's only pulled back down by the chain tension. It's normal.
  • neiltbneiltb Posts: 332
    a good dousing in lube will not hurt this, get in and around all the pivots and the springs (there is one in the pivot where it attaches to the frame). Unlikely to improve the shifting much, that's likely cables needing lubed too, the winter is brutal, I clean cables every 2 weeks in this weather.
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