Tyres - again !!

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I have recently got a Trek 1.2 triple - was that a mistake? Its my first foray into road cycling and I am begining to wish I had stuck to MTB. The gears are tempremental and noisy, the brake pads have worn out already (3 months old) and I am getting punctures at an alarmingly regular rate.
I am sure there are millions of post regarding this but.......can anyone recommend some affordable puncture resistant tyres £15.00 - £20.00


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    Rubino Pro Foldings - excellent mid-price training tyre.

    http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/productde ... ITTTYRF550
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    Cheers for that, I think I will give them a whirl.
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    The Trek 1.2 is a very good bike for the money. The noisy gears are due to the setup - the LBS should sort them. My gf has a 1.2 and loves it, great for day rides and she has toured on it too. The gears are not noisy. I did swap the tyres for Schwalbe Marathon 700x25's as we occasionally ride rougher routes on tour, no punctures yet, however there are plenty of better slick tyres than the stock ones. I use Specialized All Conditions Pro (Quick Step Team) which are light, grippy, and are highly resistant to punctures.
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    Yeah, maybe its an Evans setup issue. I have arranged to take it to LBS (after payday !!)
    Thanks for the reply :)
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    Ah, Evans...

    There is a "trim" position on the Sora front shifter if you get chain rub in some gears, just a slight push of the lever and a small click.
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    You should get a free service after about 6 weeks, they will adjust the cables and the like. The cables have probably just stretched a little.

    Also pads do tend to wear a bit quicker in the wet.