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DVD conversion help needed

weyayemanweyayeman Posts: 1,141
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Hi can any one help.Is it possible to change NTSC format to pal.Or will a region free dvd play them.My T.V. is only a year old so not sure if that makes a difference.Im not technically minded so if any replies please in laymans terms.Thanks
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  • rb1956rb1956 Posts: 134
    DVDs are coded digitally, and it is the player that translates the signal into NTSC or PAL. If you have a "region-free" player that will read the disk, a modern TV should be able to cope fine, though there might be some slight degradation of picture quality because of the different resolutions (720×480 NTSC or 720×576 PAL).
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    If the issue here is the DVD player then you can find ways of making it multiregion online but this only tends to work with the cheaper models, the likes of Sony are impossible to hack IIRC, just google the following
    "DVD player model" multiregion hack
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    If you can't hack the player then you can rip the DVD and burn it to region free on your computer, with software like DVD43 and a DVD burner.

    Most (all?) modern TV's can play NTSC and PAL, but your issue is most likely the region code of the DVD, so it is a player issue.
  • weyayemanweyayeman Posts: 1,141
    Thanks for the advice.My dvd player is hacked to region free and T.V. 1 year old.
    Thanks alfablue for that link too.
    If I was to copy some of my region free ones I guess they will play on my mates NTSC have I got that right.
    thanks again
    How son yee divent need gaan doon the Pit,coz thas plenty coal in the coal hoose
  • Eat My DustEat My Dust Posts: 3,965
    All DVD players and TVs will play back a NTSC DVD. If it has region encoding on the disc then your DVD player may not play it back. If that doesn't work, watch it on your PC.
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