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Helmet cam suggestions

pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
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Off skiing next week with the eldest and middlest of the pdstsp juniors. Thinking of using a helmet cam but have no idea what to look at - looking for suggestions - price is importantish - need to be under 150. My daughter is prepared to add £50 if the salesman is "hot". All good skiers so looking for something that will give decent results but doesn't cost a packet (heard that one before?) (Daughter just asked "is that a prostitute comment")

Any advice gratefully received as I can see any such cam being attached to the bars for various sportives and a trip up the Ventoux in June




  • The excellent mountain bike magazine 'Singletrack' recently reviewed a group
    of Helmet Cams, for full details try;

    'Cycling.... the pastime of spending large sums of money you don't have on something
    you don't really need'
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