KMC 10 Speed Quick Links

mostly harmless
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These quick links are reusable (and work very well).

Is there any reason they shouldn't be reused, i.e. used to join a new chain, when the old chain is discarded as it's worn out?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Missing Links may be great but they're not immune from wear - if the chain's worn out, so'll the link be. Buy a new one - though buy a KMC chain and you'll get a new one anyway...

  • maddog 2
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    Can't see why not, if they aren't worn.

    I use the 9spd SRAM ones and they do wear out over time, but you can make a fairly good judgement just by looking at them. Having said that I've never had one break on me, even on a fairly well worn link. I always carry a spare in case.
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  • I'd say if the chain is worn then so is the missing link. What I do is fit the link and keep the old one as an emergency spare.
  • Nuggs
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    They're so cheap, I wouldn't bother taking the risk.