which chain tugs for a tricorss single

karnali Posts: 703
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had some dmr ones from a mountain bike but they don't fit the wider aluminium track ends. What type fo tugs are people using and where did u get them from?



  • redvee
    redvee Posts: 11,922
    I'm sure MKS 8mm would fit, or any that don't wrap around the end of the dropout. Those that fit on one side of the dropout should fit.
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  • meagain
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    One of the Surly fancy ones came with mine - seems sort of worthwhile (OK with stock wheels which have a long axle, but my other wheels do not have sufficient "spare" axle to take the tug).

    I don't think I'd bother actually buying tugs - never used 'em on any of my other 10 or so fixeds. But then I'm on the weak side!
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