Slightly pulled muscle - should I still ride?

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On Saturday I went for a ride and then went swimming afterwards. Completed everything fine but after the swim I noticed I'd pulled a muscle round the back of my right leg (thigh/knee area). Nothing major, just a little bit of strain. I didn't do anything Sunday and hoped this would be enough rest but come Monday/yesterday morning it was still feeling about the same.

As I said it was only minor so I cycled to work and back yesterday, taking it easy and spinning as lightly as possible, hoping that it might heal up despite the light exercise.

I cycled in again this morning but since the leg still feels the same I think I've basically got two options:

1) Commute lightly all week and accept that the leg will stay the same until the weekend, at which point I can rest it.

2) Take a day or two off from commuting by bike and get it healed up now.

Bear in mind that I won't be able to get out for a ride this weekend as my girlfriend's family are visiting us, which is why I'm thinking it might be better to carry on riding through the week.

Oh, and I'm sure someone will come along with a cheery "MTFU" but once we've dispensed with the funnies I would actually like some proper opinions too ;)


  • il_principe
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    Sorry. :oops:

    Joking aside my upper calf was feeling a bit strained on Sunday. Rode easy on Monday, stretched lots, same again today and its feeling fine now.
  • linsen
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    My proper opinion (for what it's worth) is that light exercise will do you no harm if it is a minor niggle.

    I have pulled my left quad a little and will be doing a little light exercise in Kent this Sunday to loosen it up .... :shock:
    Emerging from under a big black cloud. All help welcome
  • Jamey
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    Hooray! Rode lightly home yesterday, had an early night, did some stretching and now it seems ok. Still taking it semi-easy today just in case. If all goes well I'll put the hammer down tomorrow.