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New wheel needed - advice please

jinnan_tonnixjinnan_tonnix Posts: 78
edited February 2009 in Commuting chat
Hi all,

I use a Saracen Pylon 2 for my daily commute. It had a Shimano Nexus hub, which sadly started to disintegrate. I lost some bearings (I have no idea how), and decided to abandon it as I never really got on with that coaster brake business.

Now, the frame is designed to fit the Nexus hub which is 120mm wide, rather than the standard 135mm width. I found an old 7 speed wheel which fits, and fitted a single-speed converter, which is fine. The problem is, I want to get a disk brake fitted to the back wheel.

If the frame took a standard 135mm width, no problem, but where on earth can I get a wheel with a 120mm width hub and a disk rotor?

I'm going to keep it single speed, and either try my luck with pulling the wheel to take up the slack (it has horizontal drop-outs), or use a dérailleur mounted chain tensioner.

The frame has rear-disk mounts, by the way, but no non-disk-brake mount points.

I really need to get a brake on the back wheel, so what's the best option?


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