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First Ride...

NoizetekNoizetek Posts: 98
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Well after chopping and changing my mind a million times about WHAT bike to get, I finally went out and bought a Kona Blast Deluxe 2008 from good old Evans Cycles along with most of the kit I would need to get back into the sport yesterday.

Got the bike home and thought I would give it a test run (just down the bridlepath at the top of our road and then back up)....

Oh dear what a shock I got....having not done anything like this since I was a kid and having every intention to get into the sport in a serious way, it was uncomfortable to feel so NERVOUS...having been used to old crappy bikes when I was younger that just weighed a ton, the Kona was (even though its supposed to be not that light) scarily nimble. Also the gears, very weird getting used to them, but that was not the worst part....

having come halfway back up the hill I was knackered! I mean jelly legs, retching at the side of the path and so out of breath it was just ridiculous, please tell me this will get better with more ridiing!! Kind of worried me that I will not be able to enjoy the bike to its full potential, being so nervous and feeling so unfit, any advice from you guys??


  • It does get better.

    I was in a similar position to you last March, when I went out with my two new riding buddies, and they were forever waiting for me.

    I've kept it going, while they've let it slip a bit, and now the roles are reversed.

    Last weekend I conquered the hill I've had my eye on for months, and I've just signed up for my second Coast to Coast (C2C) ride this June.

    If you can find someone to train with, it makes it easier.

    Just keep at it and eventually you'll start to enjoy it fully.
  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    Hee hee... it will get worse before it gets better.

    I found sitting on a pushbike VERY alien, but you get control and 'feel' fairly quickly.
  • PhilgrPhilgr Posts: 66
    Hi Noizetek

    I was / am in a very similar position to yourself,
    i bought my first bike since i was 12 (now 37) in Dec, on my first ride out i was in a right state, same symptoms as you, and very uncomfortable on the bike,

    i plotted a loop close to my house that is a mixture of roads / off road, and a big hill at the end and 4 miles in distance it took me 42mins :oops:

    I now often complete this loop in 20 mins. i feel so much more confident on the bike and while my fitness has a long way to go i deff feel a lot better, , i cannot wait for better weather to arrive.

    it has also taken some time to adjust the bike to my liking, i have altered the seat, the brake lever & gear positions and changed the peddles - all have made a difference to the feel of the bike.

    im still waiting for some weight to come off, but i have noticed my pants are looser and im firming up on my legs, etc, i will be well happy when belly starts to shift :lol:

    i would be out on the bike now if i wasnt waiting for a bloody UPS van to turn up :twisted:

    Stick in fella

    Phil G
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  • Noizetek, it gets loads better and quicker than you'd think. Key is to set little targets and remember the things you couldn't do. Because the change will be gradual you might not notice if you don't keep a record of how you were at the start.

    Make sure you've got a speedo that records distance and set yourself little cjhallenges every trip, just small mprovements every time - don't plan to fail. And if you fail to acheive one, just have a couple of days rest then have a go, you'll be surprised how much you recover after just two days off it.

    Find routes with good scenery that you like cycling on - even if it means shoving the bike in the car and drivein somewhere, that'll keep your interest up.

    And never be too proud to push!!

    Be happy, communicate happiness.
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
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    Noizetek wrote:
    please tell me this will get better with more ridiing!! Kind of worried me that I will not be able to enjoy the bike to its full potential, being so nervous and feeling so unfit, any advice from you guys??

    It does, and quicker than you think - a little and often is the key!

    And don't go off at it like like it's going out of fashion - take your time, steady away and build up gradually.

    You're a lucky censored too living where you do, there's loads of excellent riding in both the Dark and White Peak (my mum's from Glossop so I'm part thick-neck myself... :shock: ).

    In fact, there's an excellent little loop right on your doorstep called the Chinley Churn which might be of interest to you, think it's about 8 miles total. If you'll PM me your e-mail address I'll send you a route map.
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  • Stoo61Stoo61 Posts: 1,394
    Im only 21 and I have been off it for a few months and if I set off too hard I'm in a bad way, all dizzy n' that.

    I think its a British tradition being completely out of shape.
  • FurkukFurkuk Posts: 71
    It does get easy and like the others say, quite quickly! Thats as long as you keep at it. I have been doing this everyday for a couple of weeks now and can already feel and see the difference. Can't wait until the weather gets better :D
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  • Yeah I think I am gonna head off out again just now...looks like its gonna rain...thanks for all the support/advice, you are a friendly bunch on here lol
  • Stoo61Stoo61 Posts: 1,394
    Shut it Noizey..... :lol:

    Peace & Love.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Noizetek wrote:
    please tell me this will get better with more ridiing!!

    Absolutely, everyone dies on their first ride :lol: I was worse than most, recovering from a damaged knee, and broken hip, so I had no muscle tone in either leg, and big chunks of muscle missing out of my right leg from the surgery... No joke, i just couldn't ride up hills at all! Even flats were killing me. Now I do 20 miles or so a weekend almost without fail, commute 6 miles a day 3 days a week, and can do red runs, big climbs etc. True, I almost die but I can do it! So you've got no excuse at all :wink:
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