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enjoyable ride

ferretsferrets Posts: 12
edited January 2009 in Road beginners
Just started riding seriously on the road really enjoying it wife dropped me off at grassington yesterday and i pedalled home back to pudsey which was 31 mile.
during the ride i felt really good it took me an hour and three quarters. i am thinking of competing at club level is this time mentioned far off the required level. any advice would be appreciated. :D


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    That would certainly be good enough for most steady club training runs. Using an average speed alone (without knowing road conditions, terrain, wind, weather etc), it's difficult to say how you are going to compare to others. The best option is to try riding with your local club, see how you get on, and progress from there.

    You're not going to win any club time trials at 17mph, but we all had to start somewhere, and with the right training................
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