cat 4 for free

hot rod
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why don't the BC allow cat 4 races to get the first few years licence free :lol:
i think to join the bc £36 and get a racing licence £32 is crazy :shock:
might get a few more racing
once ya hooked the bc can then charge you full whack !!


  • Tom Butcher
    Tom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    There are cheaper ways of doing it than that - for club members one years free bronze membership, upgrade to silver and that allows you to race on a free day licence. So you can try racing without paying out the full membership and licence straight away.

    I don't think they need to offer more discounts but maybe if they clarified the various options it would be better.

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  • Steve928
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    I agree with Tom (and with his post in the other licensing thread).
    I raced last year on a (free) provisional licence. You just have to limit yourself to nothing higher then Regional C/C+ events.

    I also did a Regional B+ event and the £5 day licence I had to pay was my only licensing expense for the year.

    Of course you don't get ranking points, but depending on age, ambition etc.. staying Cat 4 may be considered an advantage..