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British Cycling Bronze Membership & provisional License

ma123ma123 Posts: 87
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Hi I have just signed up to BC and got a free bronze membership & provisional license, my question is what types of races can be entered with this, I know its closed circuits only so as its my first year racing will I be O.K with all CAT 3/4 races?


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    I think you'll find a provisional licence will allow you to ride "Go-Race" entry level races only........which are few and far on the calendar generally.

    You can however buy a "day licence" for £5 for Regional C/C+ events or £10 for Regional A/B events, but if you intend to ride quite a few 3/4s (Reg B) it'd be cheaper to get a full Silver membership and racing licence (c. £65). Maybe see how you enjoy your first few races and then decide?

    Speak to BC Member Services for clarification or more advice T.0161 274 2010
  • colintcolint Posts: 1,707
    You can ride cyclocross on a provisional, but theres very little else. YOu can do the Go Ride events as bronzie said but good luck finding one, day licence is the way to go until you've tried a few races and are sure it's for you
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  • hot rodhot rod Posts: 412
    you need silver to road race which makes racing quite expensive :evil:
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    You can upgrade your bronze to silver for the cost of the difference - that gives you a free day licence for any Regional C or C+ event. Check the calendar it may be that gives you enough races to be going on with.

    As the post above says - for Regional A and Regional B you would need a £5 day licence with that.

    If you want to score points and move up categories then you do need to get the full licence.

    This pretty much explains what you need : ... 8&sID=2052

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  • ma123ma123 Posts: 87
    Thanks everyone for the help, :D
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