van nicholas euro bike

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Hello, has anyone got one of these,a van nicholas euro? I was wondering what they are like ? I am interested to hear any comments or read any reviews on the bike ,cheers.


  • daccombe,
    The VanNicholas Euros is a great bike. I have had mine for over a year and recently went up to Holland and picked up a VanNicholas Zion Mt bike. JanWillem and his crew at Van Nicholas are great and really take care of you while you visit. They will work with you to ensure you get what you want. If you have any questions just give JW a call and he will take care of you.
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    I have Yukon not a Euro, but I can say that the general quality and finish, and the service is brilliant + a lifetime guarantee can't be bad!
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    I also have a Yukon and can say it's the best bit of gear (not just cycling) I've ever bought. It was £250 cheaper than any other equivalent ti bike when I researched and bought a year ago and the build quality is brilliant. It brings a smile to my face every time I use it!

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    Hi, another happy Euros owner here :D

    Realy good looking frame with nice graphics ( not too garish like some bikes out now ).
    I love the curvy seat / chainstays and thinner frame tubing, a bit retro perhaps.
    If you scratch the Titanium just buff it up with a scotchbrite pad and wipe over with WD 40, comes up like new, try that with a painted bike !
    The frame is not ultra light but it is nice and comfortable when fitted with good wheels.
    I started off with machine built Shimano wheels then changed to handbuilt Mavic / 105 with Conti GP4000s tyres, Fantastic :D
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