Advice on upgrading Alexrims wheels

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Looking to upgrade wheelset on Specialised Allez. Shimano R550 look good value (ie cheap) - are they old/redundant models? Had also been looking at Shimano RS20's, Mavic Aksium, Fulcrum 5s...things in this kind of price range.
Any feedback on these models would be welcome.
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    Good effort on the Etape :D - hopefully see you there.

    Shimano wheels seem to be well reviewed. No experience of the Fulcrums, well not the basic models at least.

    I have a set of Rodi Airlines on mine - a little heavy at 1920grams or so, but strong and look dead cool.

    If not, Planet X-model B's are nice and light ,as are the quest Scafell wheels.
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  • Open Pros are bulletproof.
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    seconded for the open pro rims.

    Lots of spokes to keep them round and reasonably light for such a reliable wheel. Love mine to bits. my ones are laced to campag mirage hubs. 'Handbuilt' is a good move.
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