bike sizing help

landscapingsam Posts: 174
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I currently ride a 56cm Giant SCR 3, now i cant seem to get my bike setup correct.

Im in the market for a new machine im 5'11'' but long body and short legs! :oops:

my inside leg is only just over 28'', would i be better suited to a 54cm frame?



  • morrisje
    morrisje Posts: 507
    I'm the same height as you but have longer legs. Trouser size is 33" and inside leg measurement would be more.
    My ideal size bike is a 56cm top tube. I think you would need a 54 but with a longer handle bar stem. This might make up for your gorrilla like proportions. :D
  • Mister W
    Mister W Posts: 791
    Plug your measurements into and see what it comes up with. You may, as morrisje has said, have to go for a smaller frame with a long stem to get something with a short enough seat tube.