Specialized Tricross Problem

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My colleague got an 09 Tricross Sport through our Bike2Work scheme about two months ago. This morning he has come in most upset because the chain has 'broken'. Haven't had a chance to look yet so not sure if a link has split or something more dramatic has happened but either way, it's not to be expected surely on such a new bike?. Given the weather and Xmas we reckon he's done less than 500 miles.

He's taking it back to the LBS tonight but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same failure on this model?


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    The stock chain on my 2008 Tricross Sport was Shimano. First thing I did when spending my Cycle2Work vouchers was get the shop to put an SRAM chain on. Miles better, plus you've got a master link so you can remove it for cleaning easily.
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    It happens, my friend snapped the one on his allez after about the same time. Shorten the chain by a link/stick in a master link and teach him how to use gears properly.
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    If he rides it a lot of the time with the chain going from large front to large rear then he is going to weaken the chain in a much faster time than someone who rides in the middle ratios. I am not saying he does this but riding with the chain goign from one extreme to the other will cause it to fail quicker.
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    Chains break, it happens. Especially if the chain is not maintained properly (cleaned and lubed regularly.) SRAM or Shimano makes no odds, I have used both extensively and have got seriously long service out of each when maintained properly. Shimano is a little more involved to fit than SRAM but the connecting pin system works fine. Neither is tool free as you will have to shorten the chain anyway, and SRAM 10-speed links are not reusable which negates most of the benefit.
  • Thanks for the replies. When we looked at lunch time it looked like the front mech was both twisted (ie not parallel to the chain ring) and too low. On the chain itself the side of one link is missing whilst the remaining link is bent in the same direction as the front mech is twisted. Hard to tell which caused which (ie could movement of the front mech put the chain out of line?). Whilst not dry the chain could be better lubed. My friend isn't new to cycling and he hasn't had a chain fail before. That said, he does ride hard off-road and all his previous machines have been MTB's.

    I'll post the LBS's diagnosis up tomorrow.

    LBS say that the chain isn't covered by the warranty and that since its the snapped chain which has bent the front mechanism. that won't be covered either. The shop is saying that it will 'do a deal' on the parts and labour.

    Not very impressed to be honest though not sure whether that is with the shop or Specialized. One response to this post cites an Allez that sufferred a similiar chain failure whilst on the Road forum (under beginners) there is the tale of a 5 month old Allez that appears to need a virtual rebuild.
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    Sorry...not the LBS fault.....

    Chains can snap....I only use good ones - never had a failure.

    No way can the front mech cause it - they don't really do much anyway - just push the chain onto another ring.

    Bit like getting a puncture......happens !
  • It happens, my friend snapped the one on his allez after about the same time. Shorten the chain by a link/stick in a master link and teach him how to use gears properly.

    Can you get a master link for Campy-compatible chains?
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    Yes, there are these from KMC and Wipperman and I am sure there are others.
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    The chain on my 07 Tricross snapped last week, one of the side plates snapped in half and then I spotted numerous cracks from the rollers out to the edge of the plates.

    I have had six months use out of it averaging 80 miles per week, so I'm not moaning!

    Just got the lbs to put a SRAM chain and new rear cluster on for me, bit more like it now!