pannier + pannier bag buying advice/recommendations

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Hey all, My friend and I are cycling the london - paris route in a couple of weeks time, therefore I need panniers for my bike.

I have been browsing the online websites and it is very difficult to tell, which pannier is best?! Another question is, are panniers compat. with all pannier bags?! or is it very much a spd/spd-sl case?!

If anyone has any experience with panniers I would be very grateful if you could point me toward the correct gear to buy, as I only have 2 weeks to muster it ll together!
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    Most Pannier bags fit most racks.

    If you want the best, in my opinion, a Tubus Cosmo rack (or one of the other Tubus racks) and Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers (or Back Roller Plus).

    If you need to save money, a Tortec Expedition rack would be good if you are not after the ultimate quality of Tubus, but the Ortlieb Back Rollers I would still recommend.