Michelin Kyrlion Carbon Tyres

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I sent an e-mail to Michelin via their website asking when we could expect to see these tyres back in the UK. I have received a reply from Andy James @ Michelin to say that the first delivery for 18 months is on the way to the UK distributor and that they should be back in the shops in a week or two. Initially it will only be the black/grey 23c, but other colours sizes are expected late February/early March.

Hooray! :)


  • Wappygixer
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    We got them back in today at work in red/black
    Not had them in for ages.
    We don't go through the UK importers though we buy direct through head office in France
  • what kind of tyre are they? why do so many people like them so much?
  • Wappygixer
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    Quite a hard wearing tyre that resists quite well to cutting up, but also has a fair level of grip.
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    Wappy - where do you work?
    I like bikes...