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Need HELP!

MarcXPMarcXP Posts: 7
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Hello one hello all

i'm trying to find a good route planner to help me plan a route from aylesbury to norwich which is a fairly long ride. The only one i've been able to find that is good is the AA route planner which you can choose to ignore the motorways. But it takes me on a hell of a few dual carriageways and to be fair they can be just as dangerous for cyclists. so my question is there does anyone know of a way to plan a route on the net that is designed for cyclists?

cheers all



  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    The Via Michelin site has a "by bike" option in the drop-down menu options where you enter your journey details. On a quick try out the route seemed pretty good, but I suspect that it doesn't know about off road cycle paths (like the Bristol to Bath Railway Path).
  • ukracerukracer Posts: 421
    google cycleroute planner theres a few ie ...bikely
  • MarcXPMarcXP Posts: 7
    That Via michlin site does the job perfectly ta very much. Seems such a short route looking at it lol but will be a interesting ride i think, 130 miles isnt to bad i guess, anyone have anytips to prevent saddle sores, i dont particuly fancy getting them
  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    I use but seems to be down....
    Cheers, Stu
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    There have been some posts about Bikely problems, advice seems to be to install the latest version of the java applet (or delete cookies).

    Bikely (and mapmyride) etc are very good, but as far as I know they are for manually entering routes, whereas I presumed the OP was looking for something to suggest a route, which is where Via Michelin comes in. It would be good if both aspects could be combined in Bikely. (Or can Bikely suggest routes and have I just missed it? I do borrow other peoples routes on Bikely but that's not quite the same).
  • from a couple of other threads,,,
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