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Merlin / Rock Lobster frame advice

hammond1975hammond1975 Posts: 948
edited January 2009 in MTB buying advice
Looking at there website last night and they 40% off at the moment, so going to treat myself to a new frame.

Has anyone had much experence of the Rock lobster frames they sell or is the Malt 4 a better bet please, also looking for size advice I am 5 10 would a 17" be a better bet than a 19".

Many thanks


  • Lots of good feedback on here previously from happy RL and Malt owners.A few reviews on the main page here too.

    I think the Malt 4 is a bit lighter than the Tig Team,which would explain why it costs more.
    Not sure about sizing.At 5 ft 10 it sounds like you are on the cusp between 17 and 19".
    I`d say if in doubt go smaller.

    If they are 40% off does that mean they are trying to shift them,before they bring out an updated line?

    I know they have been mentioning a new 2009 Ti frame on their website,for months.....
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  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    i thought i was 5'10 but turned out i must have shrunk a bit over the years, just under 5'9" here with about 31"ish inside leg, have a 17" malt4 with 170mm cranks, 5mm less than what comes standard with bikes these days, easier for my ol knees.

    both may be okay unless you have long or short legs, only way to be sure is go up there and try em out :)

    i have about 1 and a bit inch stand over, 1-3 i think is the guide?

    4500 miles on my malt4 frame and some scratches/chips on close inspection as too be expected i guess as i did'nt wrap it in sellotape stuff. no cracks anywhere but it only sees road and light xc really and a few staircases heh
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    not forgetting the prototype carbon lobster i think it was?
  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065
    I've had my lobster about 15 months now and it's a cracking bit of kit.

    I've ridden it pretty hard and it's taken everything I've thrown at it. It's very chuckable and has an excellent turn of pace. Would thoroughly recommend.

    At 5'10 you are bordering on a 19", i'm around 5'9/10 and ride a 17" and although it feels right 90% of the time, on a long ride can start to feel a little cramped as they are quite short in the top tube. Having said that a layback seatpost would probably cure this.

    Buy one you won't regret it.

    The malt 4's are kinesium frames, I don't know much about them but i'm sure someone who does will reply.

  • For what its worth, I'm 6'2" and I've got a 19" RL (team tig sl). Seems to fit me fine and I really like it.
    The current ti RL didn't seem to be reviewed as well as the steel or ally ones?, although it looked an absolute bargain for a ti frame

    Any one know if the frame changed for '09? The '08 came with Easton Ultralite Race tubes, the Merlin advert now refers to Easton Elite (tubes), are they the same?

    I hadn't heard about the carbon one though? I'm drooling just thinking about it! :D
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  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    It really pees me off that Merlin don't list geometry on the site.
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  • I have a 19" RL 853, the top tube lengths are a bit shorter than some other manufacturers, but being an old git I prefer the slightly less stretched feel.
    I did find the geometry listed online somewhere when I was looking, I'll try and remember where.
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  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    well i'd not had a bike in years before i got my malt4, sitting on it for the first time it felt big and long and felt right. since then the saddles gone up and back a bit to sort out proper leg position and i've put some lower bars on it so i can get low for climbing. if it was a longer frame i'd need a shorter stem on it as it fits me perfect :)
  • im glad i read this post, although i reckon my girlfriend wont be too happy seeing as i just dented this months wages, 5 hours after getting them
    i spent all me money on whisky and beer!!!
  • I too am around 5'10" and I bought a 17" Rock Lobster Team TIG S.L. new in 2005 and the only complaint I have is that the anodized paintwork that they used at the time didn't wear particularly well. Other than that it's a fantastic hardtail. I'm in the process of rebuilding it as I moved most of the components on to my current Morewood, but believe me when I tell you that the bare frame is unbelievably light.

    If I were in the market for another hardtail then I wouldn't even look anywhere else, I'd definitely buy another.

  • Geometry from merlin cycles for their bikes id available on request
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I prefer the Malts to the RLs.
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