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Night ride

chrishoo5chrishoo5 Posts: 53
edited February 2009 in XC and Enduro
Last night was fun!
Night ride across Canford Heath in Dorset, pitch black and way too wet, but so exhilarating! the mixture of fear and excitement and Fleetward Mac blasting down the iPod was so much fun!


  • Post made me smile.

    Just discovered night riding under the watchfull eye of 'light and motion' and went out last week in the wilds of dorset with Ipod blaring to. Fun fun fun
  • I always think night rides are way more fun. I love flying through the woods wizzing past all the trees.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Why the ipod ? You're missing all the fun of hearing a rustling in the bushes and then having to whack the speed up to escape from mad axeman/peturbed badger/ killer wild boar...
  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Always fancied the idea of night riding but never got around to it ! Plus I dont have the spare cash for a good set of lights at the moment :(
  • You can ride with any lights within reason, the brighter the lights the faster you can go, but a couple of Tesco's torches and jubilee clips can get you out on the trails in the dark.
    Northwind wrote: It's like I covered it in superglue and rode it through ebay.
  • As BorisSpencer says no need to break the bank just remember the better the light the safer it is, you can then usually see the tree stump before you hit it.

    I started off with a 3 year old Petzl head torch and £20 Argos lights. Had great fun so saved up for some 'Light and Motions. After a long night ride I am generally still smiling about it the following evening, it's FUN.
  • As people have said you dont need great lights. If you get big in to it you can always spend more down the line if you wish but to start with you can botch just about anything up to get you out there.
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