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Fuji CCR2 opinions?

StarwaspStarwasp Posts: 59
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Any one ride one of these, or know it? All views / opinions sought



  • boggyassboggyass Posts: 221
    im trying to get more info on this bike as well but cant seem to find any. Did u get any luck?
  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    I assume you've done this already but if not: ... r2&spell=1

    From what i can gather it seems a decent bike, no obvious draw backs......
  • boggyassboggyass Posts: 221
    thanx for the link but i did that already. Apart fron one 3 ,ine user review the rest are links to online stores and this thread! .But thanx anyway
  • conncarrconncarr Posts: 1
    When I was looking at fuji ccr2 reviews I couldn't find many. Now I have owned mine for about 1000 miles I think I should add my thoughts.

    I mainly ride 50 - 100 miles at a time and this bike is comfortable and fast enough to keep up with more expensive kit. I started off with a relaxed setup but have got more competitive as my fitness has increased. I now have a fairly competitive setup with tri bars and still find the bike to be great. The frame is light and stiff, the componentry is classy and the wheels are good. Most people think this is a £2k+ bike.

    There are no negatives and I am totally happy with this bike.
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