BT'Win Road 7 or Trail 7 for my commute?

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I am looking to begin commuting soon (in the next few weeks) and want a cheapish bike. This bike will be locked up outside the car factory I work in. I have a reasonably good road bike which I got got second hand (Carrera Ulisse Rc2) for general riding.

We have a Decathlon store nearby and so I have narrowed down to the Triban Road 7 or Triban Trail 7. Does anyone have any experience of these bikes? I am not able to find any reviews on the internet.

The commute is around 17 kilometers. The problem is that going home from work, this is all uphill.. I live at an altitude of 800m. Because of this I am leaning to the Road 7 and adding panniers and mudguards to that (its also around 80 euro cheaper, which helps!)..



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    Don't know much about the Trail 7 bike, but I did a quick Google search and saw it mentioned in the CTC forum along with some alternatives
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    Thanks for the link. It is only mentioned though. I wasnt able to find a review for either bike. I have found the btwins mentioned in forums, but generally (like the one you gave), people are recommended other bikes!

    The problem I am having is finding a cheap source of bikes here in Italy. I do not want to get a "supermarket" bike, and here there doesn't seem to be much in between that and high end. I have seen other btwin's mentioned on this site and that is how I found Decathlon (its not a store I had heard of before).

    I had a look at the Road 7 and Trail 7 last weekend, but my bigest concern is the weight, I think they are both around 15kg.

    The hill I will have to ride is quite steep in places and like I said, 17km is pretty much always up. (I think Riccò uses/used it as a training hill..)

    Thanks for the reply.