Tights and knee pads?

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HI, Random Question...

I like to wear my waterproof tights cuz they are warm waterproof and great on long rides but want some knee pads, as well...is having the pads over the tights stupid?!



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    I have a mate that bought a really nice MTB-specific jacket, and on it's first outing out at Cwmcarn, had an 'off' and because he wore his pads *under* the jacket now has one sleeve like a colander.

    The pro's wear their pads under their clothing because the clothing means nothing to them. If they shred them, they get given more.

    Do what works for you. But, me, I wear my pads (RaceFace) over my outer layers.
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  • Pads under tights would be amusing to see! :lol:

    MTFU and wear shorts and no pads! :joke:

    If you want to wear pads and you want to wear tights, then pads OVER tights is the only way to go. You could always wear some 3/4 shorts over the top if you're worried about the look.
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