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SPD - Flats

christkchristk Posts: 122
edited February 2009 in XC and Enduro
Been riding the trail centres for couple of years now and have in that time always used SPD's. However, been thinking about my technique a lot more lately and all those bad habits I've got where I rely on the spd's to get the bike off the ground. Am wondering should I go back to basics and fit flat pedals (V12) Any recommendations for shoes? How difficult will it be to get use to flats, how grippy are they and what will be the most noticeable differance?


  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    I've been thinking the same thing. Riding with cleats all the time restricts the way you ride and could limit your skills development.

    I think DMR v12s with five ten shoes is the way to go but to try it out without spending big money I have bought some vans off the wall otw lite shoes £25 at tk maxx which have grippy flat soles. I looked at other skate shoes but the soles were a bit hard

    I plan to get some wellgo DMR copies from chain reaction but i don't know whether to go for the v8 or v12 copies.

    If it doesn't suit me I can always go back to the SPDs without breaking the bank

    The shimano mp56 shoes are worth a look as well

    The other thing I have discovered swapping from SPDS to flats with a poor pedal/shoe interface is that I was relying on the cleats to keep my foot on the pedal. It hurts like hell when your foot slips off the pedals and it smacks your shin. I would advise you to get some shin protection if you have not used them before.
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    You can always switch between the two dependant on what type of riding you are doing that day! I just use flats for fr/dh and spds for road/most xc. That way I find no difficulties picking any of my bikes whether flats or spds.
  • brazzybrazzy Posts: 326
    I used SPDs at first as they came with my Scott... i found in winter i was always unclipping due to muddy areas so i bought some Shimano DX pedals and wear my DC shoes. Brill 8)
    "Give An Inch...Make A Friend"
  • couldnt live without my SPD's on both bikes,
    have M647's on both bikes, best of both worlds!
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  • christkchristk Posts: 122
    well I've taken the plunge and fitted the V12's on my hardtail and been out twice over the past week (Can't be bothered to get the FS out in the snow). Have to say I find it a little strange and keep thinking if my feet are in the right place? With the spd the cleat tends to be just behind the ball of my foot. So does this mean my feet position should be the same on flats, somehow I feel better balanced with my foot more central on the V12's. Or is it just a case that I'm too conscious of the pedals, slight adjustments are normal, and I'll soon get use to them like I did the spd's. Going to try them out in anger on Friday up Glyncorrwg. Any tips welcome.
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    I try to pedal as I would with SPDs but when I lift the back wheel I tend to move my feet forward on the pedal a bit so there is less chance of my my feet slipping off.

    I got the wellgo v12 copy I haven't fitted them yet but the bearings don't look sealed so I think you did the right thing gettting the DMR ones.

    The Vans shoes have made a big improvement and I feel a lot more confident with the cheap flat pedals that came with the bike. Have you bought any shoes to go with the V12's if so which ones?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    V12 'copies' should have sealed bearings.

    Wellgo make loads that look similar though. Including the actual DM V12 ;-)
  • christkchristk Posts: 122
    Got the 5-10 shoes. Not having tried any others can't really compare but they did seem to grip okay and certainly kept my feet a lot warmer.
    Rode the whites trail first, found that I was tending to flip the pedal sometimes when doing the climb. Downhill was okay.
    Done the Wall trail after that but this time moved my foot position further forward on the pedal. Felt much better but shows how much stronger my right leg is compared to my left and how much I relied on the spd. Also made me think more about my body position.
    Going to stick with the flats for a while though
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    Well spotted supersonic. they were the cheaper ones so it would be the v8 copy. I didn't expect brilliant sealing on pedals this cheap but it looks like they didn't make any effort. :oops:
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Easy to service mind - bung a lot of waterproof teflon grease in too (or lithium grease)
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