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I've just joined the ranks of road bike users with my '08 Boardman Comp and in preparing for the inaugural ride today realised that my pumps and car tyre gauge are insufficient. Foolishly, I managed to let out loads of air trying to get a reading with my Tchibo-special digital gauge and then struggled with my mini pump to get the front tyre back up to something approaching the back one's pressure (I didn't bother checking the PSI this time!).

I've been reading online and in C+ and would like a mini or frame pump that is road oriented and has a usable gauge built-in. So far I've seen the SKS Puro range, Topeak's Road Morphs (they get good reviews) and Crank Brothers Power Pump. I realise that I will also benefit from investing in a track pump at some stage as well.

Any views/opinions on the above or further suggestions? Not sure I like Presta valves thus far.

On the plus side, the first ride was very enjoyable - why did I wait so long?




  • woody-som
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    only ever use the guage on the SKS rencommpressor pump (track pump) otherwise just guess it when out, topeak pocket rocket, or the secondwind road hybrid, both without guage, but why do you need one, they only add weight, and not that reliable, if the tyre is too hard to push in, then that will get you home.
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    These seem to be quite highly rated -I've just ordered one myself

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=29719

    I agree with woody-som's comments, but Lezyne also do a pump with a gauge if you really want one. You'll definitely need a track pump for home use though

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    as above - a track pump is a must to keep your tyres at 100-120 psi+

    these mini-pumps are only really intended to be a get-you-home measure - you really need a track pump!

    tesco have one for around £12 which looks remarkably like the blackburn one I paid £25 for and some on here have used it and reported back that it is good - money well spend honestly!
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    Thanks for the answers guys. From what you've all said I should perhaps be looking at a more basic mini pump for emergency use and a track pump with gauge for at home? The Tesco option looks good price-wise providing it lasts and the track pumps reviewed in C+ seemed to suggest that otherwise a decent one could be had for around £29.

    Given that if (here's hoping not for a good while) I did need to reinflate a tyre while on a ride I would want a pump that would work efficiently, what pumps besides the very nice looking Leyzene would people recommend? Are any minis worth it or should I opt for a frame-mounted pump? In so far as I recall the Boardman has no spike(?) to wedge a frame pump into so it would need to be strap mounted. I'm wary of the innovations brand as, although they are on sale in several places at present and look very nice, C+ have been critical of the seals on their pumps.


  • Rich-Ti
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    Seriously, the Lezyne is the best mini pump on the market today.
  • I have a puro and it looks nice but is pretty poor. I now take co2 with me which I am yet to use but feel confident it will do the job. I use an SKS track pump at home and it will last forever. Great pump.
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    I've got a SKS Rennkopressor track pump and its as good today as when purchased over 10 years ago,only need to replace the valve rubber which you can order /buy at LBS.On the road bike I have a Blackburn Airstik which can pump up to a pretty good pressure to get you home on.The really good thing about it is it comes with a lifetimes guarantee.Mini pumps always fail in the end and I've taken mine back to Evans twice and they have given me a new one,I just tell them whats wrong and mention the guarantee its brilliant ! :wink:
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    I use a topeak mountain morph, it is okay for my roadie too, although it does struggle above 90psi. I've just bought CO2, ended up using one at the weekend and they work great!
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    Rich-Ti wrote:
    Seriously, the Lezyne is the best mini pump on the market today.

    Pressure Drive (Medium).

    Riding mate had a puncture a couple of weeks back. After using my Lezyne to pump it up to pretty much normal pressure then asked were they could buy one.

    The proof is always in using one.
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    +1 for the Lezyne. You certainly need a track pump, and this one is brilliant
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=1608
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    Track pump with guage for home use (JoeBlow) - Blackburn Frame pump for road use, after a couple of flats on the road got fed up quickly with mini pumps - the backburn pumps quickly to high pressure.
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    Hi All,

    Thanks again for all the advice. Having read the posts and looked around I think I am likely to go for a Joe Blow track pump (probably the cheaper Sport Max II as I can't see what I'm losing by choosing that) or the Tesco option, which having searched around a bit, does seem to get good comments. To carry on the bike the Leyzene Road Drive pump looks favourite, though I hope I don't need to use it very often.

    I had considered more weird and wonderful options: Cyclaire, and the still tempting Topeak Road Morph, but I'll end up with muscles like Arnie if I don't buy them soon and end up using my current mini pump.

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    just make sure that you get one with a hose that screws on, Leznye do one
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    also considering a pump (or gas) where do you all keep your pumps when riding (strapped to the frame)???
  • nferrar
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    I keep mine in my back pocket atm, it's a Road Morph and a bit bulky for downtube and seat tube mounting and can't really top tube mount it due to cables. Smaller pumps I've always mounted on down or seat tube though.
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    I have a road morph, mounted using the clips + velcro strap provided, on the seat tube. Very secure and no rattling, but that seems to restrict me to just one bottle cage on the downtube.

    Still need to get a track pump.
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    Just took delivery of a new Lezyne Pressure Drive small - small - it's microscopic - will be quite happy to tuck it away behind a water bottle. Hope I wont have to test it in anger any time soon.