North Wales

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Hello, I'm new to the site and just wondered if anyone is based in North wales or wants to join me from other areas, to do some riding.
I've found an excellent forum here which is and theres people riding almost every day, but it's lacking female riders.



  • I know what you mean...where are all the women mtb. I asked the same question on beginners....only 20 miles from you so maybe we could buddy up sometime
  • I'll be at the Marin on Sunday about 10ish if you want to join me
  • I've not done the Marin yet...done Elins Fancy outta the bikefax book last Sunday..thats a real nice route...loadza hills though. I'm off to Nant Yr Arian this Sunday try my luck there. Definately try arrange to do Marin with you sometime though when i get a bit more confident....only been at it for just over a week...totally hooked though. Oh and thanks for the link to mbnw...real friendly website
  • No worries, yeah the Marin would be a bit tricky if you've only been biking for a week!
    Nant y arin is a nice route, enjoy.
    I'll catch you on the MBNW website, if you want just to hook up and do a less technical ride, give me a shout :D