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help- trek, giant or specialized

HillClimber101HillClimber101 Posts: 149
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help, i have enough money for a trek 1.2, giant defy 3, or a specialized allez 18, £550, what one should I have. I have tested the allez double and that was brillaint compared to my '07 scott mountain bike i ride at the moment.

i was happy with the compact chainset, got me up the hills, but i wouldn't have a problem with a triple, Are there any other bikes i could try. i would also like to be able to add a rack as i aim to ride l2p solo.

please help

hope this is enough imformation


  • 18921892 Posts: 1,690
    I've got a Trek and love it. I would recommend that you test ride all the bikes though.
    Justice for the 96
  • thanks for the advice, i'll post wich one i get on here when i get it
  • I got a Defy 2.5 last month and it's superb. Shop around though as most shops are selling them well under list price. I got it for £560 instead of £625.

    As for what is best for've got to go to the shops and sit on a few

    have fun
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Out of those three, I would go for the Giant definitely. But make sure it fits you and it's comfortable on a test ride.
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