Anyone know Abbey Cycles in L'Pool?

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I tried to order a Kona bike from them last weekend. Order went through, but no bike turned up. I called 3 times yesterday and was told the system was down so they couldn't look at my order. Called today and the owner again said he couldn't check the website stock from his shop, but knew the size and model I wanted had now sold out, so he didn't know if I will get one.

He said if I didn't get one they will do the '09 bike for the same price if I wait until March.

Are they reputable? I'm pretty annoyed as they are still selling the '08 bike on their site in the size I want, despite telling me it's sold out.

I don't mind waiting if they are trustworthy as the price is really good (they are on the Kona website as an official dealer), but so far comms has been rubbish. I also hate the colour of the '09 bike :(

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  • Have you got the bike yet ? My mate is having problems with their ''''customer service'''' at the moment .. keeps getting fobbed off. Mickey Mouse shop !
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