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Hi, I was wondering how difficult/expensive it is to change a double to a triple? I am worried that when I hit some serious steep hills I'll struggle with a double. I don't mind grinding it out but will this make me slower?


  • It would probably be easier to change your rear cassette first*. That might give you a low enough gear depending on your fitness and the size of the hill.

    *This may also require you to change your rear derailleur and chain depending on the size of the largest cog.

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  • Mister W
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    Don't do it! IMHO triples are more trouble than they're worth unless you're cycling somewhere with serious hills, like the Alps. Try a different cassette first and if you still need something lower go for a compact double.
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    OK, awsom thanks, I was considering changing my choice of winter bike but hadn't thought of the possibility of a compact later on if the hills prove to be an issue. In theory fitnes should be fine once I adjust as I'm coming from another sport where I have been training 4-5 hours a day, but the hills I'll end up on leave no hope of being able to get back on if one was to grind to a halt!!!