Minorca - opinions..?

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Just booked a family holiday there in May, so realistically the bike will not be coming too. However, if anyone has been out there, would they be able to tell me:

- can bikes be hired easily (preferably road bikes, not beach cruisers..)
- if so, what are the roads like..?

I just thought it might be nice to get out for a few hours, if it was do-able..

We will be in Cala'n Porter, if it helps. I have done a few google searches, but not come up with much. If anyone has any links to info on bike hire or tours out there, I'd be grateful..

thanks in advance :)


  • fossyant
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    Been there twice (holiday only - no bikes) - roads OK - mainly one road in the middle, then you fork off to the resorts.

    Cala Gadana had MTB's for hire - OK spec - sports shop linked to one of the big hotels - also did tours...MTB's only though..

    Also been to Cala'n'Forcat - didn't see anything there !
  • softlad
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    thanks for that :)

    I have since found a couple of sites for companies running guided MTB tours out there, but that doesn't really appeal. We are hoping to get away with just hand luggage only (to avoid those stupid check-in charges), so no bike bag...