Slightly buckled wheel

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Hi all again!

Just picked up my new Boardman Team '09 last night and rode it home, I seem to remember going over what seemed to be a sunken grate.

When I checked tonight I set the rear wheel spinning and there is a slight buckle in the wheel, not so much as to rub the brake blocks when not pulled on but there is a definite rub when the brake is slightly depressed.

My question is, is this normal or do I need to take in and get it seen to?? As I said it's only a very slight wobble, unnoticeable when riding.




  • alfablue
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    Sounds like a not very well fettled wheel (they will be factory built as on most mass produced bikes, and not well tensioned). A good local bike shop would have checked the spoke tension before the bike leaves the shop, though many would not. It can simply be trued and at the same time the whole wheel gone over, Halfords may or may not have a skilled wheelbuilder to do this. Alternatively, simply truing a wheel is a simple matter if you have a spoke key and a little knowledge (see Sheldon Brown or Park Tools). For simple minor truing, your brake blocks will do as a guide.

    However, as the bike is new the shop should sort it (free, as I don't think it should have gone out of true from a fairly minor bump).