Any chance of a MTB commuter thread sticky?

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Am I the only person who rides to work on his full suss locked out? :lol:

How bout it guys anyone else, what ya riding and how far ect..

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  • biondino
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    By all means have a thread about it but why do you think a sticky is appropriate? One of the great things about commuting is that it brings together MTBs, roadies, hybrids, recumbents and allows us all to share experiences which we probably wouldn't otherwise.

    But if you have specific things you want discussing, go for it!
  • spen666
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    why not have nothing but stickies?

    If people want to use a thread on MTB commuting, it will stay on the front page, if not, then why should it stay on front page?

    We have far tooo many sticky threads as it is - they should be the exception
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    Would this be a thread solely dedicated to people who commute along singletrack?
  • I'd back up Biondino says, one of the great things about the Commuting Forum is that it brings together the usually divided (in a 'my type of cycling is better than your type of cycling') cycling community.
  • canada16
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    Answer sorted.

    Anyway, anyone who wants to discuss there lovely MTBing on the road.

    Car open there door on me today, forced me to slam on my brakes, then he told me to p1ss off cyclist.

    Its a danger out there for road bikes and MTB, we are all in the same boat.

    Why cant we all just get along.... LOL

    Happy commuting
  • Nice commuting bike btw :D You should unlock the bouncy bits for some additional training ;-)
  • chronyx
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    Yup, Hardrock with sexy panniers and slicks :D

    I know the SCR2 is nowt special but it's still my 'new'/good bike and I don't want to commute it yet
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  • hi,
    i start commuting by bike on 2nd feb. been out every day since 2nd rid of my cherished landy but £700 diesel a month a bit much. so new job, no car bills and hopefully fitness will return by summer. i'm going to use my scott genius ltd with panaracer slicks n suspension locked out with a brooks professional seat...nearly broken in. average speed on a very hilly ring circuit of 15.5miles is 11.2mph. commute going to be 12miles either way double day shifts so no traffic problems expected...wish me luck...really looking forward to it


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  • EricaR
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    Yey, I ride an MTB too... its a cheap raleigh *caked* in mud, I'm afraid i know nothing about it or what model it is lol

    Believe it or not it's my most expensive buy at £120 after years of riding those cheapo ones you get in places like motorworld :oops: