Learning about bikes

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There are often threads here along the lines of "what bike can I get for.....?"

Just wondering how people who respond to these threads get to know what bikes are good and bad etc.? Is it simply a case of reading the latest reviews or something more?


  • ShaunL
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    What I do is read reviews but also I try out friends bikes to see how they feel and a few bikes in the various cycle shops when you are shopping around.
  • if you read the main magazines eg cycling plus/pro cycling etc them you get an idea of what is good for the money, what frames are good for the money, what other bikes are available, personal experience of riding them, other people's experience, all these things really what sort of pedigree the manufacturer has, after sales serivce, i could go on...
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  • gtitim
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    cycling plus does great reviews. other than that, find out which bikes are available for "the money" and decide which ones you fancy, then search them individually, you'll start to get a feel for general consensus, finally check 'em out in the shop if possible.