Fixed or SS Cyclocross?

GarethPJ Posts: 295
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I'm well aware of the Tricross single and I'm well aware of the Pomp, but are there any other single speed cyclocross bikes around in the same financial ball park?

I'm looking for a "one bike to do it all" sort of thing. Road riding, light touring, commuting, trail riding and even, maybe, perhaps, some cyclocross races if I'm fit enough by next season.

On-one never have my frame size in stock when I have the money. The Spesh looks really capable (although not pretty, although to be fair the Pomp is no oil painting) and as such it's looking like a one horse race. What I don't want to do, however, is to plump for that bike only to find an alternative I would have liked better the day after I buy the Spesh.

I've heard of people competing on Kona Paddy Wagons and to be honest the bike looks right for the job with one exception. The bikes I've seen in the pictures have canti brakes, the bike in the catalogue has calipers. So I can only assume the bikes in the pictures were customized. A P2 fork with canti bosses would be easy enough to fit, but the frame would need bosses brazing on. Some people have suggested that I simply leave off the rear brake, but that woudn't work as I'd like to ride freewheel sometimes. If it wasn't for that one small item I think the Paddy Wagon would have it sewn up.

If anybody knows of anthing I'd be pleased to hear about it. Oh and don't suggest a custom build. There's no way I could get a custom framed bike for the same price as a Tricross or Paddy Wagon.