Trek 1.2

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I am just getting back into road cycling and am able to a demo model Trek 1.2 for a fantastic (I think) price of £375.
Could anyone advise if it is worthwhile? My budget is not the greatest bearing in mind that I will need to buy a few extras to get going I was just wondering if worth my while?

Will use it for occassional commuting and then for fitness and eventually a sprint Triathlon later this year.

All help appreciated.


  • alfablue
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    My girlfriend got an 08 model back in June for £550, so that's a great price. She loves the bike and it seems pretty good to me, especially at that price. We do regular road rides, but also tour with it, takes a rack and mudguards and rides really well with loaded panniers, very stable, so would make a good commuter.
  • Thanks for that, going back to have another look today. Will see how it works out.
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  • fatfreddy
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    my wife also bought an 08 model - she loves it too. I'm dead impressed with it.