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Hello everyone

I have been riding now for 3 months now so i thought it was abot time i joined Brititish cycling so I can hopefully start racing in the new season but I'm unsure about the age restrictions as I'm 15 now and will be 16 in May but if i start a race series in March in the under 16's through to July will I be able to continue in the seris after my birthday ? :?
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  • ask british cycling??? lol
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    From BC Handbook/Rules:
    Youth A - Under 16 - From 1 January in year of 15th Birthday until 31 December in year of 16th birthday. On reaching his 16th birthday a rider may apply for a Junior competition licence in order to be permitted to compete on the open road. On taking up this option he may no longer compete as a Youth rider

    So you will be classed as U16 for the whole of 2009, but you can opt to be a Junior after your 16th birthday if you want to ride events on the road rather than closed circuits, but if you do that you can no longer ride in U16 events.

    For more info or clarification I'd ring BC Member Services Tel 0161 274 2000
  • Thanks for the advice Bronzie that has been very useful :) . I'll probaly stay in the under 16's then this year if thats the case as it's my 1st season racing.
    If I only scrape a livin, at least it's living worth sraping for
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    Try these guy's they sort the races in the north west (you would be youth A).

    Good Luck!!!!
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  • Hi Flash, where abouts do you live? im 14 and will be 15 in May, i live in Kent what about you
  • Hi oldabe thanks for your post but i live greater Manchester and so quite a bit away from Kent :( .And also thank for the link dsmiff I'm planning to do the CDNW youth league and the CDNW youth tour.
    If I only scrape a livin, at least it's living worth sraping for
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    I was in your shoes last summer, be careful about being psyched out by other kids before the race :shock: You won't feel like attacking or anything afterwards, that was my problem...