How warm / cold is it at Newport?

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Going to Newport tomorrow and I am wondering what kit to wear at this time of year? I am used to riding at Calshot where currently it is warmer outside than in the track centre!


  • cougie
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    Not ridden there but if its like manchester - long sleeve top for warming up and cooling down. When warm i always wear one base layer and two tops - if you come off - tops rub on each other not your skin.
  • Eddy S
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    You definitely won’t be as cold at Newport as you are at Calshot.

    The inside temp will depend a bit what time you're riding - it is usually coldest on the 1st session but does get better.

    I was at Newport a week ago when the outside temp was a bit colder then at the moment and I was wearing a long sleeved areo suit with a base layer, a long sleeve jersey, knee warmers and lycra shoe covers.

    Hope that helps.
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.