what bike ?

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Hi all

I am a virgin to forums so sorry if in wrong place?

in May i will be attempting lands end to john o'groats and am only used to riding a mountain bike so would you reccomend a racer or hybrid for my adventure. I will be spending about £500 and am 6 ft 4 in and weigh 16 1/2 stone.

hope i can get some advice



  • rally200
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    I've never covered any real distance but I'd say get a tourer if you can stretch the budget - if not then a road bike - something like a Giant SCR (2008 models cheap if you can find) with room to fit mudguards ,and eyelets to mount racks. Hybrids are only really for short leisure rides/commuting.
  • meagain
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    I suspect rather depends on 1. how self-sufficient you need to be e.g. camping/B&B/support vehicle and 2. (as always) how much you want to spend!
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