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Killed my BB!!!

chronyxchronyx Posts: 455
edited January 2009 in Commuting chat
I took a ride to Guildford today as I want to start cycling to college, and on the way back my legs just didn't feel right, I was having trouble spinning smoothly and felt really uncoordinated. I thought it was just because I was tired, so picked an easier gear and just kept plodding.

Suddenly they're flopping around all over the place (Thought the cranks were unwinding from the BB and dropped a load thinking 'How am I going to unclip?! Aaargh crash imminent!) :lol: Imagine that, two pedals and cranks stuck to your feet and trying to stop :lol: actually I think the pain would be worth the comedy.

Anyway it finally ground to halt right outside The Bleak House on the A320, so no complaints there. Had a coffee and arranged a lift. Damn powerful legs :D only done just over 1000 miles.

It was an RPM ISIS drive, just so you know.
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  • BassjunkieukBassjunkieuk Posts: 4,232
    HEHE, well done! I've had problems with the BB on 2 of my past bikes - a Halfords full sus heap o' scaffold and my current Giant road bike. Both started making odd noises and whilst it was only the Halford's one that failed completely, I couldn't turn cranks, luckily I was only about a mile from home! With the Giant I got it serviced and the BB replaced then, unfortunately not under warranty :-(
    It does seem a rather odd and just put it down to strong legs with basic components :-)
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  • gtvlussogtvlusso Posts: 5,112
    Glad to hear that you did not bin it - 1000 miles on a BB is very little, you must be like a road going Chris Hoy! FSA RPM stuff is pretty good, I would probably wanna know if there was a defect or if the seal on the bearing went allowing in water and censored , causing failure.

    Still, I don't think they are too expensive to replace - 30 minute job if you do it yourself.
  • chronyxchronyx Posts: 455
    Yeah it must be a dodgy seal, well I hope so, I'm careful with the hose, and even when I was blissfully ignorant of careful washing :lol: the last BB did 1900 and that was a cheapy cheap Shimano!

    I think I need to buy a new crank puller as I only have a Park Tools CCP-2. That's the only problem with buying tools!
    2007 Giant SCR2 - 'BFG'

    Gone but not forgotten!:
    2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport - 'Red Rocket'
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